Honey Combs



Consisting of blocks of hexagonal wax taken directly from the hive and containing honey gathered from wild flowers, Kaddoum’s Honeycombs enclose the purest, rawest form of honey. While scientists have marveled at the perfect structure of honeycomb for centuries, medical researches and experiments have discovered that the wax the honeycomb is made of has a marvelous composition and has as a result nutritional value and health benefits. In fact, the wax that makes up honeycomb contains very-long-chain fatty acids, along with long-chain alcohols, or esters. First, the very-long-chain fats and alcohols of honeycomb provide heart health benefits.
Most importantly, honeycombs significantly lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Second, the alcohols found in honeycomb have been proven to possess antioxidant effects that help protect the liver and promote healthy glucose metabolism. It comes then as no surprise that the honeycombs with their packed composition could combat stomach ulcer, act as a strong antioxidant, and are a great source of energy and dynamism. Kaddoum’s Honeycombs are available in 300g or 800g.


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